200m Run

200m Run is a fun freeware terminal game for MSDOS-compatible PCs.


As if a day in high school wasn't stressful enough, these bullies want to make your life a misery!

Survive a day at school while bullies taunt you and hit you in this freeware game for Java-compatible PCs. Try not to Breakdown!

Endless Desert (1990)

A sandbox exploration game for Gameboy. Explore the vast desert, upgrade your base and meet wacky characters in this cute yet eerie title.

Slime Jump

A rage inducing platformer for MSDOS-compatible PCs. Help Frank the Slime Blob bounce and glue his way up through the colourful yet challenging caves.

Undo What Has Been Done

A point-n-click game designed for modern browsers. Uncover the secrets of the mysterious wasteland vehicle in this short puzzler; created in just 48 hours and prized winner of the Kingston University Game Jam..

Clear The Floor: Elevator Espionage Action

A first-person shooter game for MSDOS-compatible PCs. Save the world from terrorists in this on-rail elevator shooter! Reach the basemnt of the hotel from the roof and stop the evil capitalists by being RAD. And shooting them.

Business and Operation

WorksOS 6.1

The latest version of the hit OS by Willsoft. With new streamlined look and feel. For only £10 extra includes full WorksPro Suite.

WorksPro Suite

The all-in-one productivity suite for artists, businesses and individuals. Includes latest versions of OfficeWorks, MediaWorks and CodeWorks.

Achieved With WorksPro:


Late To The Lecture - click here to watch

Too Fast (Music Video) - click here to watch


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