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About Us

Willsoft is a software company specialising in Operating Systems for embedded systems and professional hardware.

Since 1989, our WorksOS (formerly WillWorks OS) has been used by over 1.2 million users and is favoured by artists and businesses for it's ease of use and exclusive WorksPro Suite.

Company Story

Willsoft was founded by William Everingham on February 20th, 1986 whilst attending Kingston Polytechnic.

Ever passionate about technology and inspired by the growing computing revolution, William wanted to create something that would allow people all over the world to access the endless possibilities computers have to offer.

After some small success creating some games and industrial software, the company began to grow. With these new resources, William made the decision to pivot the company's direction towards creating Operating Systems to better match his original dream when starting the business.

And so, in 1989, WillWorks OS 1.0 was released for IBM-compatible PCs. It was an instant hit, and marked the beginning of Willsoft's rise in the Operating Systems market.

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